Friday, June 8, 2012

The Resurrected Ones

The Resurrected Ones
A Story of Life, Death, and Resurrection
By Richard K. Thomas, Ed.D.
Published by WestBow Press

I am not going to add spoiler info for all the chapters, just up until the 5th chapter, as you may wanna read it in full as this is a pretty nice book to read

This book has 13 Chapters and 178 pages.

Chapter 1 (The Roman Soldier Dikmari)= Dikmari among 3 others are chasing 3 armed (with blades) and violent criminals. He has a chestnut stallion that he rides. He loves the outdoors, always has. He developed a love for horses at an early age. He spoke to Jesus and accept that God was his Father and has peace in his heart.

Chapter 2 (The Jewish Merchant’s Daughter Cheba= Cheba has a brother, and three sisters. She talks to Jesus who renews her love for God even more than she did.

Chapter 3 (The Old Greek Scholar Genova) = Genova, is having a harder time trying to see the detailed script work he is doing. "Yes, my eyesight is dimming" he thinks to himself. But at least he still can see. He was orphaned at an early age. He is in a prison cell.

Chapter 4 (The Resurrection and the Resurrected Ones) = This tells of the Crucifixion of Jesus and his rising again. Of how the saints also rose with him at the same time.

Chapter 5 (The First Mission) = This continues from the previous story. It talks of Dikmari, Cheba and Genova.

I am not going to add spoiler info for the rest of the chapters but i am putting in the name of each chapter.

Chapter 6 (Rescued on the Road to Emmaus) =

Chapter 7 (Visited by a Stranger) =

Chapter 8 (To the Ends of the Earth) =

Chapter 9 (Mission at the Monastery) =

Chapter 10 (The Witch of Cape Ann) =

Chapter 11 (Lost in the Darkness of Midnight) =

Chapter 12 (On the Coastal Plains of Nome) =

Chapter 13 (The Angel of Longmont) =

All stories are in, or around Jerusalem. They all have Jesus in them speaking to the main character(s).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

Book Description

The Resurrected Ones is a story of the great providences of God. “Providence” is an interesting word. It means “The protective care of God." This is a story of God's caring in chaos! It is the story of certain saints resurrected from their graves following the Crucifixion as told in the Bible. Richard K. Thomas examines the reasons why these saints were brought back to Earth.

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